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Most everyone understands and appreciates that information is a powerful asset and that planning, operations, analysis, and decision-making greatly benefit from the use of properly managed information. However, most people routinely underestimate the human investment required to manage all this information, especially as it relates to timely access. As readily available information grows exponentially, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to know not only what information exists but also what information is it up-to-date.

Presence Networks provides a new paradigm for users to monitor and interact, in real-time, with information and services. Presence, as popularized through IM, has quickly been accepted as the cornerstone for efficient and effective communication; with presence, there is little question about a person's availability and offers higher assurances of a prompt and useful response.

In similar fashion, we leverage presence to help users to stay abreast of and interact with information sources and services they care about. By presence-enabling information, it becomes active with an online state, just like a person on an IM buddy-list. When data or service results change, a user sees this as naturally as someone on their buddy list changing from offline to online.

Presence Networks collapses what is usually a multi-step process to monitor content and services into a single click process for the user. By integrating presence, notification, and IM BOT functionality into one solution, the user is provided with an unobtrusive solution that takes advantage of the familiarity and ease-of-use of an IM Buddy List.

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